Parking can feel overwhelming. We’ve specifically thought through how to make this process easier for you. No matter where you enter, you’ll find new signage and trained Host Team volunteers to help guide you to an open spot.

Walking In

Walking into such a big building can be tricky. What door do you actually use to get in? Look at the map to find a golf cart pick up and our Host Team volunteers will drive you right to the best door. If you’d rather walk, you’ll find tons of Host Team volunteers along the way to direct you to the easiest entry door. Just look for the blue lanyards!

Where To Go

Once you come in, where to go next depends on your preference/family. If you’re spending time with us on your own or with others – drop by the coffee bar in the front lobby, facing the big window, for a cup of joe and then head into the Worship Center through any of the doors being held open by our Host Team! If you have birth-5th grade kids to drop off, you’ll find the entrance to our preK Kid Heights check-in area halfway down the Main Street Hallway that runs the length of the campus. K-5th check-in is at very end of that hallway, if you enter through the front. Plenty of signage and Host Team volunteers will be present to help get your family where they need to be!

Where To Sit

Our Worship Center has plenty of available seating. Our Host Team will be waiting for you just inside the doors to help you easily find seats for each service. There are also entry doors down the main hallway, right across from the pre-K Kid Heights check in area!


Bathrooms are available right outside of the main Worship Center doors, as well as on the opposite side of the main lobby, close to our Student Center, The Apex.