Dear Sevier Heights,

Over the past several weeks, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to learn and grow as we took a sabbatical. We spent time together as a family, creating memories that will serve as a buoy of hope in the season of life we’re about to face.

Two weeks ago, Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer. We’re scared. We’re unsure. But, even in all of these emotions we’re sorting through…we’re hopeful. Hope is knowing that no matter what – God is good. We are doing all we can and trusting Him to do what we can’t. There are incredible doctors and surgeons helping us navigate these big, dark waters and we are so thankful for them.

During this difficult season, we do ask you to generously and graciously give our family privacy. We know when you hear this, you’ll want to reach out. Because that’s what the church does and we’re thankful to be a part of a place that loves so well. But, for now, as we’re trying to find some sturdy ground to stand on, we ask you to simply do one thing: Pray. Just pray.

We love you guys,
Tim, Jenny, Elin and Silas

To help protect the family’s privacy at this time, we ask that any encouragement for the Millers be sent through the church via or dropped off at Guest Services on Sunday mornings. Updates can be found on this page as we partner in praying with Tim and Jenny on this journey.