Churchwide Community Group Questions 

The Struggle is Real

Scripture: Psalm 73:1-4
Further Reading: 2 Samuel 6:3-8, Matthew 17:14-20, Isaiah 42:8

Introduction Questions:
• What is your favorite cold weather beverage?
• Do you have a favorite Fall activity? What is it?

High’s & Low’s or Thankfuls & Challenges


When the time it takes to get from “here” to “there’ is different than we expected, it leads to discouragement.

• What unmet expectations have led to discouragement for you in the past?
• Why is there so much tension living in the distance between “here” and “there”?

Have someone read Psalm 73:1-3
• What stood out to you from the passage?

We have expectations based on comparison.
• Why is the end result of comparison always hurt?

We have expectations from others towards us.
• Where/Who do you feel the most pressure from others in your life?

We have expectations we put on God.
• What unfair expectations have you placed on God?

We have expectations we put on ourselves.

We have expectations we put on others.
• How do we know when our expectations are unhealthy?
• How can we align our expectations with God’s will for our life?

Talk through the following statements with your group. Which one/s are the most relevant to your life in this season? Why?
• God wants to do something in you before He does something through you.
• Don’t get casual with God’s glory. It won’t be shared.
• God’s always about the journey, not just the destination.
• God never wastes a hurt.

God, I want to be in this for a long time. I don’t want to be known as an angry, discouraged, or frustrated leader. So do a deep work in me. (Leave your group to think about these questions this week).
• Where in your life are you experiencing the most hurt?
• What is causing that hurt?