Church Careers in Knoxville

At Sevier Heights, we know we have more than jobs. We have callings. We know the gifts God has given us don’t just stop with us. Our unique talents and abilities are utilized to reflect the purpose and personality of Jesus as we shape the way a city views church. Our eyes aren’t set on a job title, but rather on the eternities impacted by the jobs God uses us to do. As a staff, we take initiative, own what needs to be done and make whatever we’re a part of better.

Take a look at what’s available, and send resumes and interested positions to [email protected]:

Video Director

Story is what connects us. If we can see ourselves in the stories of others, walls begin to come down. Our Video Director helps tell the stories of Sevier Heights. Honestly, those stories are the story of Sevier Heights. Through crafting content for Sunday experiences, recapping on socials or creating segments for kids to push play on – all of it is storytelling as you use your unique gifts to lead a team in telling the ultimate Story through fresh, creative mediums. Learn more here.

Part-Time Video Specialist

There are so many options to push play on…what if we created content someone is better for watching? What if we created content that leads to another step in the direction of Jesus and all He has for them? Planning, shooting, editing – you’ll do a little bit of everything when it comes to building a final project for ministries churchwide. But at least that keeps it exciting. Learn more here.