Worship Auditions

Thanks for showing interest in the Sevier Heights Worship Ministry. In response to all of the inquiries about serving through worship, we request that you audition online.

Auditions are to be submitted by video via YouTube. You can create an account for free with little effort or time. Please follow the guidelines below for submission.

Please use the highest quality you can for your videos. Cell phone video is acceptable on higher settings. Upload your video to YouTube with the title as ‘Your Name – Sevier Heights Worship Audition’ and select ‘Unlisted’ under ‘Privacy Settings’. Email the link to worship@sevierheights.org with the subject line “Video Audition”.

Audition Video Guidelines


Males: Sing the chorus and bridge a cappella (no accompaniment) of “No One Higher” (click link to download track)

Females: Sing the chorus and bridge a cappella (no accompaniment) of “Oceans” (click link to download track)

Sing one verse and one chorus of a song of your choice a cappella.

*Optional: Submit links to any videos of you performing live in a setting.


Perform “10,000 Reasons” (click link to download track)
Perform “Waiting Here for You” (click link to download track)


Perform “God Is Able” (click link to download track)
Perform “Found in You” (click link to download track)


Perform “Hosanna” (click link to download track)
Perform “Exalted One” (click link to download track)


Perform “Can’t Stop Singing” (click link to download track)
Perform “You” (click link to download track)

If you are auditioning for more than one position, please submit a separate video for each.
We look forward to hearing from you!